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The Alberta Association of General Surgeons (AAGS) is dedicated to furthering the education of practicing General Surgeons as well as General Surgery Residents in Alberta. As a Section of the Alberta Medical Association (AMA), the AAGS is in-part subsidized by the AMA through fees they collect on our behalf.


The AAGS is also dedicated to the advancement of General Surgery and General Surgeons in Alberta. In order to accomplish this, the AAGS sends a representative to the Representative Forum (RF) to promote and advocate for the interests of General Surgeons across Alberta. 

Through membership fees and support from the industry, we are able to maintain this website as well as organize an annual educational meeting, the Review in the Rockies, traditionally held every February. This meeting attracts keynote and other speakers from around the world and is a highlight of the educational year of most General Surgeons as well as Allied Healthcare Professionals, Residents, and students from across Alberta.


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